Diving in Negros Island


Southern Negros offer some of the most beautiful scuba diving sites in the Philippines – with options suited to all levels of experience. The turquoise depths teem with a myriad of brilliantly colored fish and corals, and scuba divers from all over the world descend on these shores to explore the diverse marine life. Dive around fascinatingsunken islands, walls, shipwrecks and precipices. Swim through coral gardens to see playful clownfish hiding in sea anemones as well as moray eels, turtles, schooling fish and walls covered with hundreds of multicolored corals. In your journey you may even come across tuna, rays and whale sharks if you’re lucky.There are other areas of the world where you can see larger schools of fish, bigger animals and experience more adrenaline-filled underwater “rides”, but for shear reef scenery and marine life variety, you won’t be disappointed with a diving holiday at Punta Bulata.

If Southern Negros is Philippine diving’s best kept secret, then Punta Bulata is the heart of that secret, as we are surrounded by some of the most fascinating sites in the region. Philippine Bluewater Expeditions Dive Shop is the onsite dive facility and they can guide you beneath the blue horizon to these captivating underwater sites, just minutes from our shores.

Avid divers may want to bring their personal equipment; otherwise you’ll find all gear, including BCD, regulator, wetsuit and weight, mask, snorkel, and fins available at the Dive Shop. Proof of certification is required. Divers must bring their C-card, logbook or proof of certification to dive. The resorts strictly follow a “no c-card, no dive” policy.

Dive courses must be pre-arranged with the resort.

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