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Discover Scuba Diving

This is the first step to a life of underwater adventure.  The course starts with an instructor giving a 35 minute lecture, followed by a short knowledge review quiz.  After which you will head over to the pool for a confined water skills session.  The experience ends with a 30-40 minute dive into the ocean to see the amazing life that lies beneath. All DSDs taken with Philippine Bluewater Expeditions Inc are creditable towards full PADI open water or scuba diver certification.  – Php3,300


Scuba Diver
The first level of PADI certification courses.  The Scuba diver course consists of 3 lectures followed by knowledge development reviews and quizzes, 3 confined water sessions and 2 open water training dives.  After the course you will be able to dive with some restrictions.  Conditions of the Scuba Diver course are that you cannot do dives deeper than 12M/40ft and that you must always dive with a licensed PADI professional.  – Php14,500


Open Water
It is the first full PADI certification level, there are 5 chapters for lecture and knowledge development,  5 confined water training sessions, and 4 open water dives followed by a 50 question final exam.  Upon completion of this course you will be certified to dive independently with a buddy.  Depth Restrictions for Open Water certification is 18M/60ft.  Take the plunge and begin a life of adventure and exploration.  – Php21,000


Advanced Open Water
To Further hone your Scuba Diving Skills the PADI system offers the advanced course.  The Advanced Open Water Course consists of 5 individual specialized diving skills.  You will learn UW navigation and Deep Diving as a prerequisite and will be able to choose the last 3 courses from the adventures in Diving List.  Pick subjects which interest you the most and enrich your diving experience.  – Php17,500


Adventure Dives 
Adventure Dives are one lecture one dive courses, you will be able to choose your course according to what interests you.  To advance your skills or to learn something interesting, take up Adventure Dives to level  up diving skills into Advanced open water certification.  – Php5,500


Specialties Nitrox 
Have you ever wanted to stay underwater longer than your computer or dive table would let you?  If this is the case then the Nitrox course is perfect for you.  Learn about gas mixtures and how they can affect your diving as well as your body.  This is highly suggested for anyone looking to take UW photography in the future.  – Php12,000




Rescue w/ (EFR)  
The rescue course is a turning point for most Divers it is usually where they decide whether they want to go PRO.  Here you will learn the skills necessary to perform rescue operations involving divers.  The course consists of theory, confined water training and Open Water Scenarios.  Have a blast while you learn how to make diving safer for yourself as well as anyone who dives with you.  – Php28,500.00


Dive Master w/ apprenticeship
The Divemaster course is the first of the PADI professional levels.  The course will tackle advanced and in depth scuba diving theory as well as practices and principles of leading, guiding, and some instruction.  You will hone your diving skills close to perfection so you can assist instructors during courses.  After this course you will also be able to teach some PADI courses like skin diving, refreshers and DSD confined water sections.  The course includes an apprenticeship with PBEI where you will be acting as a DM on duty, and when your instructor decides you have what it takes you will earn a PADI professional ranking.  – Php40,000


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